Why use us?

Finding the ‘perfect candidate’ is not only time consuming for an employer, but it can be very expensive when that seemingly keen individual leaves after much time spent searching and money spent locating their interest.

But who is the ‘perfect candidate’?  this is someone with the right skills for the job who intends on staying with the company long term, who is loyal, content and interested in progression.

Good candidates however, are not active jobseekers for very long, they will look at online job boards and be sought after by head-hunters, they will look at every relevant opportunity daily, until they are successful in finding that dream job.

Outsourcing your recruitment may be the best way forward!

ClarksHomet01The cost of hiring staff can be extremely expensive. With agency support you may actually save money!

We can spend our time reaching high calibre individuals, with job board access and advertising we can attract that special individual you need in your organisation saving you time and money.

Clark & Cox are a new recruitment agency dedicated to matching the right candidates to the right roles for the right companies. We want for you what you want for yourselves – the right recruitment solution.

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